Shams Power is a joint venture of three of Pakistan’s leading energy companies, involved in setting up power projects in Pakistan since 1996. Shams Power aims to pioneer solving the Pakistan’s energy problems by accelerating the adoption of distributed solar energy. Our team is committed to excellence in every aspect of solar design, construction, and operations and maintenance. With a collective team experience of designing & installing over 2,400 MW in Pakistan, and O&M experience of 350MW thermal IPPs, our team has unparalleled experience in the power sector.

Shams Power offers a complete range of solar energy services to commercial and industrial sector customers across the Pakistan. Backed by more than 20 years of industry experience and a dedicated technical team, we handle every aspect of solar power installations—including financing, technology evaluation, engineering and design, construction, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance and support—to ensure the most efficient and reliable solution.

We have developed the expertise and analytical tools needed to accurately predict system production and select the most appropriate solution. We combine this proven methodology with unique integrated solar financing options and sophisticated technology sourcing to ensure that our solar power systems deliver the greatest possible return on investment.

Our relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, and financial institutions have allowed us the flexibility to remain technology agnostic, ensuring our systems are built with the needs of our customers in mind.

Shams Power is a Joint Venture of three of Pakistan’s leading energy companies:

Saba Power Limited

Saba Power’s is a company active in power generation, and owns the 134 MW Saba Power Project in Pakistan. The principal activity is to invest in power plants and to generate and supply electric power through these plants. Saba owns a power plant in Farouqabad in the Province of Punjab, Pakistan. This entity is a single RFO (residual fuel oil) fired high efficiency boiler with a single re-heat steam turbine generator with a generating capacity of 134 MW of power.


One of Pakistan’s leading energy, engineering and environmental consulting companies primarily focusing on power generation & energy sector reforms. PITCO has undertaken several large projects which include the US$220 million USAID Power Distribution Program, the $38 million USAID Energy Efficiency and Capacity Program, the € 4 million EU funded Trade Related Technical Assistance Program, and several others. PITCO was established in 1938 and currently employs 180 people.

Orient Operating Company

Primarily an O&M service provider for power plants, the company is involved in performance monitoring, plant performance and efficiency enhancements, recruitment, and capacity building of O&M Personnel. Based in Lahore, the company was established in 2007 and employs 75 resources.