Benefits of Shams Power

At Shams Power, we streamline the process — nothing complicated — just an easy, consolidated process of power flowing directly from your roof to your premises. It’s a simply smarter energy solution that means no additional transmission and distribution cost passed on to you.

Concept of Shams Power’s “Solar City”

Benefits of Shams Power PPA Model

  • The Shams Power PPA Model produces positive cash flow for you from Day 1.
  • It is economically more attractive than an owner financed system.
  • Solar energy payments under PPA can be charged to the Customer’s “Expense Account”, that helps reduce tax liability as compared to self-financed Solar system which adds to the Customer’s “Assets Account” being liable of income tax.
  • Eliminates your exposure to risks related to PV underperformance and unanticipated O&M costs
  • Shams Power provides the option to purchase the system at fair market value at contract expiration
  • Our plans are tailored to clients’ needs and our state of the art design technology provides a sustainable and efficient solution
  • Shams Power takes care of entire process i.e. site evaluation, design, layout, engineering, planning and supervision, procurement of components, commissioning, and ongoing operations and maintenance
  • Partnership with leading international manufacturers and experiences local installers enables Shams Power to offer unsurpassed service, high-quality installation and the best integrated solution


Benefit of be seen as being “Green”

  • A single 100 kW system will save 2000 tons of CO2 over its useful lifetime.
  • Use of Solar energy is a great initiative towards meeting corporate social responsibility in the present scenario.
  • However, going Green can be expensive and complex,
  • Working with Shams Power, you can reduce your carbon footprint without ANY capital investment.
  • The green credentials give clients a strong position in the increasing eco-aware world today.
  • Corporate clients can meet their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives with the Shams Power model.