1. Professional Consultation/ Lead generation

A Shams Power professional will schedule an appointment to come at your place and make sure solar is the right solution for you.

  1. Survey and Design

Shams Power will determine that how much weight the building could bear, the roof size, available space and age of building then we will design a customized solar energy system for your premises.

  1. Power Purchase Agreement

You agree to pay for the power our array produces, and we agree to design, install, finance, and service a solar energy system for your premises.

  1. Procurement & Installation

Our procurement team procure state of the art equipment and our engineering team will visit and install the solar system.

  1. Electrical Safety

Our engineering team will comply with the electrical design and installation standards to ensure electrical safety, including when system is installed in ground-mount (free-field) or rooftop environments.

  1. Monitoring

We monitor the system to ensure maximum productivity and smooth supply of electricity. We also provide complimentary maintenance and customer support from trained professionals.

  1. Operations & Maintenance

We maximize the performance and savings of our systems with innovative technology that can withstand lightning, hail, and other extreme weather conditions. We also offer maintenance if you ever have problems with the solar energy system.